Psychology Facts That Will Surprise You!

Human psychology is interesting and powerful, but understanding it does is a long and difficult process. Every human brain is unique with its thoughts and emotions, yet somehow we tend to share some responses with our fellow beings. We have our conscious and subconscious mind working individually as well as together to make us what we are. Psychology is what shapes us every minute of every day, because we make decisions based on the amalgamation of our emotions and thoughts. So let’s read some interesting facts about human psychology that will definitely get the wheels in your brain turning in excitement!

  1. Your favorite song is probably such because you associate it with an emotional event in your life. That’s probably why break up songs hurt so bad…
  2. Studies have shown that the stronger the emotional state you were in during an event, the more the memory is inaccurate. More often than not, we relive the emotions of that event rather than the specifics, tampering the actual memory of it.
  3. A single negative thing could only be outweighed by at least five positive things. That’s the power of optimism!
  4. Ever wondered why you forget someone’s name right after they’ve told you? That’s because at any point of time, humans can remember only 3 to 4 new things. We need to refresh new data to make it long term.
  5. Researchers are debating on adding Internet addiction to the list of mental disorders. Considering how much time we’re spending on our phones during this lockdown, they might just have to…
  6. We want more choices in everything, but the truth is, we actually choose better with fewer options. The brain functions better when the stress is less.
  7. Have you ever spent an entire day cooking a meal that everyone enjoys, but for some unknown reason, you don’t? A study showed that making a meal requires you to stand around it so long that it already becomes less appealing by the time you get around to eating it.
  8. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder, killing anywhere between 5% and 20% of its victims.
  9. The time required to make something a habit is 66 days of repeatedly doing the same activity.
  10. Language can affect your decisions! Thinking in a language other than your native tongue makes your decision sound more rational. Try it next time!
  11. Dreams are very important. In fact, they are even more important than your conscious thoughts. Among all of the dreams you have had, 70% of it contains secret messages. You just have to pay attention.
  12. Thanks to evolution, our brain has 3 primal thoughts – food, sex and safety. We will always pick these over everything else. This is why advertisements focus mainly on these 3 elements to trick us into buying their products.
  13. Intelligent people tend to underestimate themselves a lot more than the average person. On the other hand, ignorant people have the opposite tendency to overestimate themselves instead. 
  14. Use level of eye contact to understand what the other person feels about you. If they make 100% eye contact during a conversation, then they are probably trying to threaten you. 80% of the conversation, and they may be attracted to you. If it’s for 60% of the conversation, then you might be boring them.
  15. Your “gut feeling” is real. It is possible to feel certain about something without facts or reasoning. And be right, even if it’s just some times.

So the next time you waddle through your day, keep these facts in mind to make better decisions!


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