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Docintosh has gone above and beyond to customise to our specific needs, according to profiles. It's the best tool to stay updated about the latest developments happening in the medical guild.

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It is a unique platform to connect with all IMA members (including my own paediatrics community) at national, state as well as local branch level. It also allows me to upload important branch notices and activities which are visible to the branch members only.


Docintosh is the fastest growing peer to peer, professional community for doctors and medical students to engage with their peers in a closed environment. Check here for updates.

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MCQ contest winners

Contest held on 18th July 2019

MCQ contest winners

Contest held on 18th July 2019





"Docintosh gave me a platform to relive my art classes and express my gratitude for disabled people. I’d like to thank Docintosh for making me a winn"

Sonali Ghongade
Medical Student, Mumbai

"My personal experience with Docintosh was just amazing, I got to learn a lot about invisible disabilities, during my research for the contest. It has "

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"Docintosh is one of the social media innovation that help doctors to connect with peers and share learn and publish medical experiences. "

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"Excellent site very useful to communicate with doctors and discuss our views about the cases. "

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"Docintosh is simple and easy to use. It gives information on latest patient's clinical cases. I recommend it for my peers. "

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"The best point and reason to participate in the poster contest is the topic itself- I haven't seen any website or that organizes poster contest and le"

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"On Docintosh, I can interact with Mentors, post cases and discuss study topics. "

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"Docintosh is an excellent place to stay updated about newer case studies and scientific medical knowledge. The chat option helps me discuss with other"

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Prehistoric diseases from infectious microbes are currently in the ice caps – but as the ice caps melt, some humans have been exposed to long-frozen microbes. Do you think we are prepared for such diseases to re-enter society?




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Ayurveda, Nashik

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Resident/Intern, Miraj

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Student, Thane

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Student, Gorakhpur

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ENT Specialist, Thane

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Student, Mumbai

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Student, Mumbai

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Student, Mumbai

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Student, Nagpur

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Student, Nagpur

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Student, Mumbai

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Student, Mumbai