2020: Time to Resolve For A Healthier Decade

It’s the beginning of a new decade! How many of you have resolved to finally get into a good shape? To stay away from junk food? Or to walk at least 10,000 steps daily? To hit the gym regularly this year? We are all so busy breaking it down into smaller, different parts, that we often forget what the bigger goal is–to become healthier. This new decade, one should aim to be physically as well as mentally healthier than ever. It is time to focus on your body and mind together. You need to hit the gym and practice positive thinking at the same time. Start balancing your diet and your stress to become healthier. Keep a track of your daily number of steps as well as the number of times you allow negative thoughts to take over your day.

How to stick to your resolutions?

New year resolutions are often forgotten by February, especially if it involves keeping your diet in check and getting healthier. So how do you make sure you stick to your resolution this year? Well, first things first—being healthy should not be your annual goal; it should be your life goal. So try to change your “resolutions” into “habits” and you won’t have to worry about unfinished goals ever!

For Your BodyFor Your Mind
Keep a daily journalDocumenting your daily/weekly/monthly goals make it easier to keep a track of your progress.Documenting your daily moods or things that you are grateful for, helps positive thinking.
Find some buddiesGymming is always more fun with someone you know. Also, find pals who will stop you from giving in to your 2 am junk food cravings.Having like-minded people around you is important for your growth. The right set of friends, colleagues and mentors make all the difference in the world.
Moderation mattersIt’s okay to have few cheat days. It’s more important to focus on proportions and frequency rather than the kind of food you eat.You can have some bad days too. It’s futile to force positive thoughts when you’re feeling low. Take your time and fight off the bad days to the best of your ability.
Small progress is still progressYou won’t see the results in just one day. Develop the skill of consistency because it’s a long road to a fit body.Positive thinking is a muscle that strengthens with use. The more you practise it, the stronger it becomes.

Suggestions for a healthier you

Never skip your breakfast.Start your day with positive affirmations. E.g. “I will have a fantastic day today.”
Try at least two different forms of exercise so that you don’t get bored and aren’t tempted to give up.Maintain a gratitude journal. List down three  things you are grateful for every day.
Stay hydrated at all times.Practise yoga.
Eat more whole, raw foods but don’t forget to make it interesting so it helps you stay on track.Learn to live in the current moment. Worrying about the future will only take away your peace for today.
Give up detrimental habits such as smoking and drinking.Sometimes be alone with your thoughts, whether they are positive or negative. You should be able to define yourself without the lens of other people’s opinions.
Instead of obsessing over your weight, keep an eye on your Body Mass Index—it’s a more accurate indicator of your health.Identify your triggers. They can be people, situations or even items. Try to stay away from them until you know how to deal with them.
If your job involves sitting down for long periods, set reminders every hour to stand up, walk around and free your muscles.Share your difficulties with the people you trust. Talk about your problems. More often than not, having someone listen to you is more important than figuring out a solution.
Pick physical activities that are more suited for your abilities rather than doing what others are doing.Spare at least one hour of your day for doing something you love. It can be gardening, cooking, painting or simply reading a book. Keep your hobbies alive and thriving.
Prioritise a clean body and hygienic habits.Prioritise yourself.
Don’t forget to laugh and enjoy your day!Learn to forgive yourself for not knowing then what you know now. Life is all about navigating new challenges, so go easy on yourself and enjoy the ride!

Health apps can be your new best friends!

Technology has befriended every sector, and healthcare is no exception. With the smartphone becoming an inseparable commodity in our lives, it would be smart to use it to our advantage. Here are some health apps that you should definitely try to become healtheir!

HealthifyMe: This is an excellent app to keep a track of your calories, personalize your diet and workout plans and monitor your progress. Unlike so many other apps, HealthifyMe offers you the calorie database of over 100,000 Indian foods! You can sync the app with Google Fit or other wearables and begin your journey!

Zombies, Run!: This one combines health and fun in the best way. Plugin your earphones before you step out for a run. Before you know it, you’re not just running, you’re saving yourself from all the zombies around you! Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game that simulates an epic zombie adventure. There are background sounds, drama, and songs that will make you’re run more interesting than ever

CalmThis is a beautiful app that will help you meditate, sleep and relax. General or specific meditation courses, audio stories for better sleep, breathing exercises for relaxation, master classes by global experts, nature sounds and music to help you focus or relax—Calm is your one-stop-shop for everything mentally peaceful!

HabitGuru: This is a simple app to keep track of your good habits and crush the bad ones. Simply check the days you did or avoided what you wanted to, and the app will provide you the demographics of your progress. You can also edit the frequency of your habit recurrence according to your convenience in HabitGuru and also set reminders!

Presently: This is a free and private gratitude journal, suited for all ages. Record and reflect on your day in a healthier way. The minimalist design and colors are calming to the eye. Select the theme which fits into your aesthetic choices in Presently. You can also set daily reminders and keep a track of your positivity!

Loop Energy: Games are a great way to beat stress, and this app is one of the healthier stress-buster games! A game with infinite levels and great interface, Loop Energy, makes use of logic and analysis to connect the dots. You can go on and on playing this game, solving harder puzzles at each new level. It’s perfect for train journeys!

Elevate: Talking about brain engagement, Elevate is a great app for sharpening your mental skills such as agility, memory, and diction. This app has 35+ games to improve your performance quotient. Your progress is tracked by a beautiful hourglass which makes it interesting and easy to follow!

Go ahead and start 2020 on the right footing! Explore new places, find new hobbies, read more books, create new art, make new friends and love yourself even more! This will be the decade of loving, nurturing and believing in yourself. We wish you all the luck and success for this decade and many more in the future! 

Image courtesy: Google Playstore