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What is said to be a bridge course from BDS to MBBS and why is it needed?

Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) are three of the most looked-after medical science degrees for students studying science. However, these courses are only done when the candidate has given and cleared his/her National Entrance and Eligibility Test, which is also commonly known as the NEET Exam, before even considering their admission for any of the above mentioned three courses. Though the courses mentioned are done at an undergraduate level, there are still some differences between them that should be well-understood. The main difference between the two undergraduate courses stands to be the duration of the course and the curriculum covered in the two. 

The MBBS program takes around 5.5 years to be completed, while on the other hand, the BDS program usually takes 4.5 years to have the completion done. The in charge of overseeing and regulating the MBBS program is the (MCI) whereas the Indian dental council is the one that oversees and regulates the BDS program. It is calculated that each year, there are thousands of students who sit and write the entrance test for their undergraduate course, but unfortunately, only a few make it to desired government institutions. But the ones who could not make it to any government institution can try their luck at private institutions providing the same course but with a higher tuition fee.  

Here is where the bds to MBBS bridge course comes into the picture; they are considered to be the ones offering complementary knowledge to the understudies, conveying all the fundamental information needed in the study, which needs to be covered in a short manner. 

But the duration of these bds to MBBS bridge course and the curriculum differs from one institution to the other. Usually, any bridge course is termed to be from six months to one complete year.

For example, assuming an understudy’s completion his graduation in Engineering with a specialisation in Computer Science and wish to seek after a post-advanced education in Information Fields of science, an extensive educational program might be told to him to have the crucial information on the educational program that will be taught to him. Along these lines, the understudy won’t be expected to finish the entire college class in Information Sciences as of now, in this manner saving the understudy’s time, energy, and cash.

BDS to MBBS Bridge Course

A BDS to MBBS bridge course is the one that has very recently been recommended by the Dental Council of India to be done by students. There are two objectives to this three-year program. The primary objective is that through this BDS to MBBS bridge course, a lot of BDS graduates will get benefitted, the ones who are looking for full-time employment opportunities in their career.

The secondary objective is that it is an innovative program; it will surely provide ample opportunity to all the Dental Aspirants to wish and take up various career paths after the successful completion of their degree program.

Consequently, the program has an enormous potential in filling the lacuna made by the low infiltration of gifted experts in clinical sciences in India.

  • Ear, Nose, and Throat
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Forensic medicine including toxicology
  • General surgery
  • Gynaecology
  • Introduction to Humanities and community medicine
  • General medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Radiotherapy

The educational plan of Bridge Course of BDS to MBBS

The Health Ministry and the Medical Council of India (MCI) have not yet finished the BDS MBBS course educational plan; however they have not made moves in light of common principles. Likewise, no specialisations will be remembered for the educational plan that will be hard for a BDS student to adapt to. Similar affirmations tests will have an educational plan that is significant to MBBS understudies yet isn’t unfathomable to BDS understudies.

The accompanying progressions have been thought about for this Bridge Program:

  • This course will be offered exclusively by open and government colleges for the present, yet with adjustments, later on, private schools will likewise be allowed to offer it.
  • The course will keep going for a considerable length of time, starting in the third year of the BDS program.
  • The course will follow a prospectus like that of the MBBS program; however, will vary in trouble levels because of concentration adjustment.

Job opportunities after completing your BDS to MBBS bridge course  

The main aim of this bridge curriculum is to have the BDS graduates settle in full-time employment. Therefore, it is very important to discuss the different employment opportunities that become open to them during their course journey. The graduate students pursuing this bridge course can take forward a variety of career streams, namely the common one, general physician to be one of the many. 

Upon graduation, general doctors can observe work in an assortment of settings, including significant emergency clinics, centres, and other medical services associations all through India. Specialists with undeniable degrees of skill are sought after, which is what the scaffold educational plan is intended to meet.

In view of the developing interest for wellbeing trained professionals, degree holders of this course will have an overflow of open positions later on. With regards to government occupations, a few critical endeavours are being made to offer types of assistance in provincial regions, where the accessibility of sponsored rental lodging and the rustic setting will urge more specialists to move there.

Significance of this BDS to MBBS bridge course

The nation isn’t encountering a specialist deficiency yet rather a setback of capable specialists. Following the fruition of the extension course, the level of gifted and qualified specialists will increment drastically, expanding open positions. By permitting dental specialists to follow MBBS degrees, the public authority and DCI are endeavouring to make a successful situation for all interested parties.

During this course, there is a solid emphasis put on giving understudies specific preparation; in any case, there is little point in taking part in this extension course. Even though some wellbeing specialists are against the three-year provincial medical services program, the public authority and DCI are relied upon to roll out certain improvements. In any case, the drive of the scaffolding course will undoubtedly improve an assortment of parts of the whole medical services area, including patient security.

How to Pursue a Bridge Course after Completing BDS?

  • Suppose you wish to join the BDS to MBBS bridge course. In that case, you must keep in mind that you must have exceptional grades in your degree program as there are a high probability of the cumulative marks being given to the grant admission for your admission process.
  • Some subjects that are likely to be a part of the curriculum of this bridge course may include Pathology, Oral Medicine, General Surgery, Biochemistry, Forensic Dentistry, Anaesthesiology, etc.
  • At last, one is also required to be well-prepared for a medical entrance test which may include both BDS and MBBS syllabus in detail.

BDS to MBBS Bridge Course Duration

A BDS to MBBS Bridge course was as of late suggested by the Dental Council of India. The fundamental thought behind such a course is to build the quantity of rehearsing experts to fill the lacuna in the clinical circumstance of the country.

The course is likewise expected to help the BDS graduates in taking up or looking landed everyday position open doors in every one of the areas where presently the MBBS Graduates are offered a chance.

Objectives of this BDS to MBBS Bridge Course

  • The main aim is to increase the very scope for the BDS Graduates who wish to or in the past have ever been aspirants of MBBS.
  • The secondary one is that it is sure to help build an extensively innovative program providing ample opportunities both equally to all the MBBS and BDS aspirants.
  • And at last, the course is expected to fill the major medical education gap, which further creates a lack of better and professional medical professionals.
  • After completing the course, the options like public universities first, post which private universities get open and provide these bridge courses.

Eligibility criteria of this BDS to MBBS Bridge Course 

The BDS-MBBS Bridge program is intended for understudies with a dental foundation who might want to make the change to the clinical field and work as a specialist.

The Indian dental chamber has not yet finished the application and confirmation process. However, as indicated by the Dental Council of India, interaction has been proposed for understudies signed up for the BDS program who wish to seek after professions as specialists or doctors.

Also, the educational plan is relied upon to expand experts in the country, which gets the opportunity to fill a hole in the clinical world that at present exists. Finally, both the affirmation rules and educational program are relied upon to be controlled by the DCI, which will work related to the Medical Council and Ministry of Health.

  • The applicant is said to compulsorily take an entrance examination for the course.
  • The cumulative scores of candidates in the BDS program will be taken into consideration.
  • Admissions could be granted based on the consideration of both of the aforementioned criteria.
  • Even though the curriculum has not yet been finalised, the prospect of the curriculum following the very same syllabus as well as certain modifications to it will be considered and implemented.

The Indian dental council has proposed specific qualification measures for graduates who wish to go for this extension course, which will be considered during the affirmations interaction. To be considered for admission to this scaffolding course, candidates should either show up in the placement test or have acceptable outcomes in their BDS degree, or a combination of both of these standards might be utilised to decide qualification. Even though there is no formal curriculum, the bridge course may be structured by the MBBS exam and syllabus pattern.

To be considered for this bridge educational plan, the candidate, more likely than not, got outstanding grades in their college degree program first. A portion of the subjects covered all through this extension course incorporate pathology, legal dentistry, organic chemistry, oral medication, general medical procedure, anaesthesiology, and other related fields. However long the applicant meets the qualification prerequisites, countless schools and colleges offer this bridge course.

The Indian dental board prescribes this course to give graduates more open doors for work after they complete their certifications. The term of this bridge course in India is three years, as indicated by most clinical schools and colleges. Subsequent to having completed this bridge course, graduates will be qualified to get an MBBS degree and be confirmed doctors, or they will actually want to seek additional headway in the fields of medication and medical procedure.

Besides giving dental understudies work development, this extension course likewise fills another need: it permits them to seek an alternate vocation way after graduation. Following receipt of a proposition from the Dental Council of India, the MCI has given a few rules for the execution of a three-year MBBS educational program to be carried out (DCI). The DCI made critical endeavours to guarantee this bridge course workable to help BDS graduates to give them more open doors for work after graduation.

Alternate bridge courses that are available 

Keeping aside the proposed BDS to MBBS bridge course, there are multitudes of various other very popular bridge courses that are offered pan-India. 

One such said program is the Community Health and Nursing program. The duration of this course is for 6-months and is offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) with a proper collaboration along with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The main primary aim of this Community Health and Nursing program is just to strengthen the Primary Health care centres that are widely spread all across the country by enhancing the skills of registered Nurse, Registered Midwife), nurses, and Ayush practitioners. Further, there are several similar bridge programs in Medical Science that you can go for in the field of Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Alternative Medicine, amongst others.

This being a relatively new program, the BDS to MBBS bridge course tries to provide Dental Science graduates with an amazing opportunity to gain their MBBS degree and become a well-certified physician to delve further into the path of Medicine and Surgery.


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Do we have any BDS to MBBS bridge courses?

Indeed, there is a bridge course from BDS to MBBS; public universities begin with the course. State-funded colleges will likewise be permitted to choose a Bridge Course. After the fruition of BDS, this scaffold is relied upon to be three years in span.

Is this BDS to MBBS bridge course an approved course?

Yes, the BDS to MBBS bridge course is recommended by the very Dental Council of India. This course is introduced to provide better employment opportunities to all the BDS graduates and improve the quality of staff. In addition, all the Indian universities soon are likely to incorporate this course. 

Can I pursue my MBBS after BDS?

Indeed, you can concentrate on MBBS after BDS after bridge course MBBS. A few colleges lead a placement test for the bridge, though others simply investigate your scholarly capabilities.

What is the salary of BDS in India usually?

During the initial stage, after completing your BDS, the average salary can be expected to be 30,000 per month. However, once you have some amount of experience in this field, you are likely to earn 4 to 6 lakh per annum as your salary. 

How does a bridging course work?

Bridging courses are momentary learning programs intended to assist secondary school understudies entering advanced education foundations. This course can go from a half year to one year. These courses are also made to prepare understudies for the speed and standard of tertiary training.

Is this course tough?

Clinical courses are considered among the hardest courses on the planet. BDS being one of them is clearly an extreme course involving hypothetical as well as useful preparation.

Would BDS be able to do general practice?

In the wake of finishing the bridge course among MBBS and BDS, they can do general practice. Finishing the bridge course is a fundamental part of beginning the overall practice.

What is the length of the MBBS to BDS Bridge course?

The greater part of the Indian clinical colleges will probably keep the course term – 3 years for the forthcoming understudies intending to concentrate on MBBS after fulfilling BDS.