Eating Trendy- Food trends and their health benefits

From Instagram to personal blogs- food trends have flooded all of them. While colourful feeds are the most appealing to look at, we must look closely into their pros and cons.  Let’s dive into these food trends and learn about their actual health benefits. 

Fermented foods: Let it brew

Fermentation is an old and natural process. It employs microbes like yeast and bacteria to convert sugars into alcohols/acids. This gives the food a slight tartiness (that innocent wink when you eat sour dahi). Fermented foods are rich in probiotics which act as immunity boosters. As we head further towards prevention instead of cure, natural immunity boosters like these are sure to play an important role. The fermented foods that have garnered a lot of attention recently are kombucha, kimchi, probiotic yoghurt, etc. 

Veganism: Not a cheesy story

Let’s be honest. This one really caught our attention when our beloved sports star Virat Kohli announced he went vegan. Though veganism has its roots in avoiding animal cruelty and exploitation, it offers some surprising health benefits. These include reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It’s also proven to be effective in weight loss.

That’s the tea!

From green tea to ginger tea(not your favourite adrak wali chai), many herbal and true teas have profound health benefits. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and is useful in weight loss, improved brain function, reduced heart risks etc. Ginger tea helps fight inflammation and boosts immunity. It is also used to tackle nausea and relieve period pain. Chamomile tea also has gained popularity recently and is most effective in sleep disorders and alleviating anxiety.

Excuse me, is this Gluten-free?

A lot of health-conscious people scan food labels and look for gluten-free food. Though the most prominent benefits are for those with celiac disease, this diet offers several benefits. This includes mainly relief from digestive problems like bloating, constipation, gas, and fatigue. However, one must ensure that they are getting other nutrients sufficiently from their diets.

Keto diet: Fight fat with fat

The famous keto diet is an eating plan focused on having healthy fats and sufficient proteins while keeping carbs at bay. This intimates our body to breakdown the sugar reserves and breakdown fat for energy. It promotes weight loss, boosts metabolism, and reduces appetite. It also improves heart health, protects brain function, and reduces the risk of cancer. Good news for the skincare enthusiasts- keto diet is also great for acne!

While most food trends sound fancy, one must devote enough time and research into knowing their potential benefits-or lack thereof. One must really investigate the diet regime and food habits before investing in them. Remember- don’t do it just for the cameras!


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