What is Docintosh?

It's an online community for physicians, where they can get visibility and be recognized for their work and contribution in the medical field. Also, at Docintosh, they can connect and discuss the latest developments with their peers.

The exchange of knowledge through Docintosh is several times faster than what is obtained using the traditional way of offline networking.

What does Docintosh mean?

Docintosh is derived from the words “Doctor” and “Macintosh”. The word Macintosh implies “chief or leader”.

Thus, Docintosh stands for “the Chief in the field of medicine”.

Why should I join Docintosh?

  1. . To be updated about latest trends in the medical field.
  2. . To learn about new, rare and challenging cases.
  3. . To get visibility and be known among medical fraternity.
  4. . To contribute to the medical field by sharing your experience.
  5. . To get access to medical knowledge relevant to your field.

What can I do at Docintosh?

  1. . Ask a query for resolution.
  2. . Share news articles on new development.
  3. . Post new patient's clinical cases.
  4. . Share update about clinical practice and experiences.
  5. . Post and review latest guideline on diseases.
  6. . Talk about the latest presentation you gave in CMEs / events.

How can I submit my post?

You can click on “Create a Post” button in My universe Page to write a post. You can write detailed text, submit PDF files, upload multiple image files. In case you want to submit Powerpoint presentation, you can convert the PPT file to PDF to submit the file.

Why should I make my own Circle?

You may make your own Circle in Docintosh in order to follow any specific member and stay connected with them, and receive their regular posts.

How can I get more ratings in my article?

To get more ratings, you have to participate and engaged more frequently on the site. If you are regularly submitting posts, your chances of getting stars, likes and comments are higher. In addition, your posts is liked, commented and rated for its quality of data also.

What is Activity Meter in My Account page?

Your activity meter is your contribution in the site, it indicates if you are regularly visible and being recognized by other members in the site. My account page also update you on likes and ratings you have collected on your articles.

Why does Docintosh need my Email?

Your Email Id is used to create a secure login for you at Docintosh. It serves as your user name.

How much does Docintosh cost?

Docintosh is FREE to use for physicians. All you need is to create a secure Login id.

How does Docintosh pay Honoraria to me?

Docintosh commissions market research projects for Pharma clients, and gets paid for providing relevant insights to them. Members of Docintosh can participate in surveys and get paid for providing their opinions.