What is Docintosh?

Docintosh is a professional networking site for Doctors and Medical Students. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms to increase visibility in the medical fraternity.

Community members can interact with one another regarding rare medical cases, treatments, medical guidelines and updates. Additionally, it allows for sharing, learning, discussing, researching, publishing, participating in medical polls, case study contests and speaker programmes, conducting medical webinars and mentoring students.

Docintosh allows rapid exchange of knowledge, which is several times faster than the traditional manner of offline networking.

Why should I join Docintosh?

  1. Ask for a query to be resolved.
  2. Share news about the latest medical developments.
  3. Upload clinical cases of new patients.
  4. Share updates about clinical practices and experiences.
  5. Upload and review the latest guidelines on diseases.
  6. Discuss the latest presentation(s) delivered in CMEs / other events.

Medical Students can display their knowledge through MCQ contests and quizzes, showcase their creativity in poster contests, share their ideas in essay contests, as well as attempt to beat the clock in the 60 seconds challenge. Winners are awarded prizes and badges.

Internship opportunities are offered to students to become Management Interns and Medical Student Ambassadors.

Additionally, mentoring programmes are available on this platform.

Why should I make my Circle?

You are required to make your Circle in Docintosh to follow a specific member, stay connected with them and receive their regular posts.

Why does Docintosh need my email address and mobile number?

Your email address and mobile number are needed to create a secure login for you at Docintosh and to authenticate your account. Either of them serves as your user name.

Does Docintosh charge payment from users?

Docintosh is FREE to use for Physicians and Medical Students. You only need to provide your contact details to create a login ID.

How does Docintosh pay honoraria to me?

Members of Docintosh can participate in surveys and get paid for providing their medical opinions.

How do I upload a post?

You can upload a query, a case study, an article or a poster by clicking on the 'POST' drop-down menu, located on the top left corner of the dashboard.