Louis Pasteur

Timeline:  December 27, 1822 – September 28, 1895 Place of study: École Normale Supérieure, Paris Famous for: His discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization  Germ theory of disease Producing the first vaccine for rabies and anthrax Awards:  Foreign Member of the Royal Society (1869) Legion of Honor Grand Cross (1881) Foreign […]

Gerty Cori

Timeline:  August 15, 1896 – October 26, 1957 Place of study:  University College, London, United Kingdom Karl-Ferdinands-Universität, Prague  State Institute for the Study of Malignant Diseases, New York. Famous for:  Investigating carbohydrate metabolism.   Discovery of the mechanism by which glycogen is broken down in muscle tissue into lactic acid and then resynthesized in the […]

Joseph Lister

Timeline:  5 April 1827 – 10 February 1912 Place of study:  University College, London, United Kingdom Famous for:  Joseph Lister’s contributions paved the way for safer medical procedures.  His introduction of the antiseptic process dramatically decreased deaths from childbirth and surgery and changed the way the medical industry looked at sanitation and proper hygiene.  Awards:  […]

Karl Landsteiner

Timeline: 14 June 1868 – 26 June 1943 Place of study:  University of Vienna, Austria Famous for:  Karl Landsteiner revolutionized medicine when, in 1900-1901, he identified three major human blood types: A, B, and O, which led to safe blood transfusions and millions of lives being saved.  Later in his career, Landsteiner and his colleagues […]


Timeline:  19 December 1873 – 6 February 1946 Place of study:  University of Calcutta, India Famous for:  Synthesis of Urea Stibamine for the treatment of Kala Azar.  His discovery led to the saving of thousands of lives in India, especially in Assam.  His achievement was a milestone in the successful application of science in medical […]

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale changed the course of nursing history alone. She was a staunch advocate for better health-care, hunger relief, and women empowerment. Her written works aimed to be medically accurate and legible to the common folk. Even today, the lady with the lamp is an inspiration to all the medical workers across the world.