Dr. Elwood V. Jensen


January 13, 1920 – December 16, 2012

Place of study: 

Wittenberg University, Ohio

University of Chicago, Chicago

Contribution to breast cancer research: 

  • Dr. Jensen studied steroid hormones and isolated estrogen receptors, discovering their importance in breast cancer.
  • His research demonstrated that nearly 75% of all breast cancers express ERα, and that women showing significant ERα levels can receive nontoxic treatments.
  • His contribution revolutionized the field of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Dr. Jensen also developed a 80% accurate method for predicting a breast cancer patient’s response to hormone therapy, which was a great achievement at that time.
  • Jensen laboratory generated the first polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to the estrogen receptor.


The Endocrine Society, President (1980)

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Director (1983-87)

Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Cancer Institute

National Advisory Child Health and Human Development Council

NCI-INSERM Committee on Hormonal Regulation and Cancer


Charles F. Kettering Prize (1980)

Fred Conrad Koch Award (1984)

Dorothy P. Landon Prize (2002)

Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research (2004)

Fun fact:

Dr. Elwood had a favourite hobby of creating limericks, often on the spot!


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