Marie Curie


7 November 1867 –  4 July 1934

Place of study: 

University of Paris, France

Famous for: 

  • Discovery of two elements, polonium and radium
  • Techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes
  • Development of the theory of radioactivity
  • Conducted studies for the treatment of neoplasms using radioactive isotopes
  • Developed mobile radiography units to provide X-ray services to field hospitals during World War I


Nobel Prize in Physics (1903)

Davy Medal (1903)

Matteucci Medal (1904)

Elliott Cresson Medal (1909)

Albert Medal (1910)

Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1911)

Willard Gibbs Award (1921)

Fun fact:

Marie Curie named the first chemical element she discovered, polonium, after her native country, Poland.