Upendranath Brahmachari


19 December 1873 – 6 February 1946

Place of study: 

University of Calcutta, India

Famous for: 

  • Synthesis of Urea Stibamine for the treatment of Kala Azar. 
  • His discovery led to the saving of thousands of lives in India, especially in Assam. 
  • His achievement was a milestone in the successful application of science in medical treatment, years before the arrival of antibiotics.


Griffith Memorial Prize (1921)

Kaiser-i-Hind Gold Medal (1924)

Knight Bachelor (1934)

Fellowships of the Royal Society of Medicine, London and the Indian National Science Academy as well as the President of the Asiatic Society of Bengal (1928-29)

Fun fact:

Upendranath Brahmachari was the first Indian to become the Chairman of the Managing Body of the Indian Red Cross Society (Bengal branch).