Vital Facts about Liver

The liver is one of our vital organs. It plays a multifaceted role in our body. Let’s have a look at these roles with some facts about the liver.

The Colossal

The liver is the largest internal organ and weighs about 1.5 kgs. It is the second-largest organ in our body after skin. 

The Multitasker

It performs over 100 functions in our body. Some of these functions include supplying glucose to the brain, combating infections, and storing nutrients.

The Detoxifier

It is essential for the detoxification of various harmful substances such as alcohol, and even drugs. Detoxification is one of the key metabolic processes in our body and is carried out by several enzymes.

The Producer

It produces several important substances such as bile, certain proteins for blood plasma, etc. Bile is necessary for carrying away waste and breakdown of fats during digestion.

The Hoarder

It stores and stocks up on important vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat.

The Regenerator

It is the only vital organ that can regenerate itself. This makes liver transplants possible.

The Fighter

One of its important functions includes creating immune system factors that can fight against infection. This organ is vital to the body’s metabolic functions and immune system.

The Creator

In the fetal stage, the liver is the most important red blood cell forming organ. This role is later overtaken by the bone marrow.

These facts make it clear that the liver is an extremely important and vital organ. It plays such a crucial role in our life. Let us strive to protect our hardworking organ by taking good care of it.


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