Double Trouble: Surprising Facts about Twins

Twins are such an exciting phenomenon of nature. If you are a twin or know someone who’s a twin, you’ve probably noticed that they are a bit atypical when it comes to other siblings. Here are some surprising facts about twins that might make you double back! Linked since birth Twins can start interacting with […]

Facts on OCD for you to obsess about

We’ve all jestingly called out our mothers for their obsession with cleaning, saying they have an OCD. Many TV shows and films portray people with OCD as a quirky character and base a ton of jokes around their behaviour. But OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a serious problem that affects many around the world. […]

Energising Facts about Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are important food groups that provide us with energy. They make up a huge chunk of our daily meals. However, these energy fuels are considered foes of dieters-apparently! Carbs have gained a notorious reputation among the trendy diets. But are they harmful or helpful? Let’s have a look at some facts and find out. […]

World Kidney Day 2021: Kidney Facts to Filter in

Since way before Instagram filters were a thing, kidneys have been known for their most important function: filtration. They are a spectacular pair of organs that balance our lives-literally. This World Kidney Day 2021 let’s dive into a few facts about our natural filters.  One is enough Though they are a dynamic duo, you only […]

10 Leprosy Facts to fall back on: World Leprosy Eradication Day 2021

For a long time, it was believed that leprosy causes your limbs to fall off. Fortunately, science has made enough progress to do away with such strange misconceptions. On this World Leprosy Eradication Day i.e. on the 31st January of 2021, let’s delve into a few facts about this wrongly notorious disease.  World Leprosy Eradication […]

10 Respiratory System Facts That Will Make You Gasp

The respiratory system is a marvelous group of organs keeping us alive. It’s what allows the entry of oxygen inside our body and processes it to keep us going. We’re almost always aware of our breathing. An action as simple as taking air in and exhaling it has complex mechanisms behind it as well as […]

10 Digestive System Facts For You To Chew On

The digestive system is one of the earliest body systems that we learn about in school. We practice drawing all of the organs involved in the process and remembering the functions of each one of them. Nature has designed our bodies in such a way that we know how to assimilate good nutrients from the […]

Psychology Facts That Will Surprise You!

Human psychology is interesting and powerful, but understanding it does is a long and difficult process. Every human brain is unique with its thoughts and emotions, yet somehow we tend to share some responses with our fellow beings. We have our conscious and subconscious mind working individually as well as together to make us what […]