World Kidney Day 2021: Kidney Facts to Filter in

Since way before Instagram filters were a thing, kidneys have been known for their most important function: filtration. They are a spectacular pair of organs that balance our lives-literally. This World Kidney Day 2021 let’s dive into a few facts about our natural filters. 

One is enough

Though they are a dynamic duo, you only need one kidney to survive. Even if one is damaged/removed, the other takes up the functional role of both the kidneys.

A little lopsided

The kidneys are not aligned straight, and the right one is usually located a little lower than your left one.

They are a handful

The size of your kidneys is about 10-12 cm or approximately the size of your fist.

Filter check

Kidneys work round the clock and filter about 200 litres of blood every day! However, only 1-2 litres makes up the urine(thank goodness- could you imagine the lines at washrooms otherwise?!). 

Jack of all trades

Though their primary function is excretory, kidneys have a role in several other functions. This includes body fluid balance, the formation of RBCs, controlling blood pressure, and Vitamin D production which is important for immunity and maintenance of bone health. Kidneys do take multitasking to another level!

Too much of a good thing can be bad

Though drinking ample water can prevent kidney stones, drinking too much water can dilute the urine and may also lead to hyponatremia(low sodium levels in the blood).

Say no to drugs

Many OTC and prescription medications are filtered by kidneys. Taking an excessive amount of these drugs(for eg. Naproxen or ibuprofen) can harm the kidneys. Avoid them as much as possible.

Climate change and CKD

Consistently high temperatures and dehydration can cause kidney injuries and may also culminate in Chronic Kidney Disease. This is especially a cause for concern for people living in hot regions. Remember to keep yourself hydrated and avoid constant exposure to heat.

These facts just go on to show that our kidneys are nothing short of a marvel. Let us all vouch to keep our kidneys safe and healthy, and protect them the same way they protect us. 


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