Be proud to be a Doctor

At the beginning of 2020, we all thought it would be an ordinary year. Full of short-lived resolutions, fleeting moments of sadness and cheer, trip plans that would never happen. You know, the usual. Little did we know that a crowned speckle was heading like a meteor in our direction. 

An invisible virus that stopped us all in our tracks. Businesses were halted, schools and colleges were shut down. People struggled to get back home. But a group of relentless soldiers draped in white were at the battlefront. Ready to tackle, defy, and sacrifice. Striving to save families while being distanced from their own. Abandoning sleep and rest for the sake of others. To protect their allegiance to an oath.  

Over a year has passed since. But their fight never stopped. Their resilience never took a break. Even the virus that brought the world down to its knees couldn’t break through their impenetrable resolve. But in the end, losses were inevitable.

Contribution to society

Losses of lives who died saving countless more. You’ve read about them. Doctors gasping for their last breath. Bleeding through wrongly inflicted wounds. Final goodbyes being snatched away. Words left unspoken. Memories that were never made. You wonder if that would ever be you. 

To all those who entered the truly noble profession of medicine with big hopes and big dreams -this blog is for you. Soon, you’ll be doctors, joining an endless battle against illness in all shapes and forms. If you’re feeling deterred and a little hopeless right now, remember you aren’t alone in this fight. Remember, your voice will not be left unheard. 

For Doctor’s Day 2021, Docintosh brings you an opportunity to express yourself. Let those pent up feelings and emotions this past year has bought find an avenue. Let those thoughts manifest into something for the world to see- be it on paper, or on screens. Through words or art or speech. We want to know your story. 

Saving the community

Go back to thinking. Reminiscing. A toddler playing with his doctor set. A schoolgirl with dreams set in her eyes. A college student with tireless grit. A beaming learner, who would one day be a doctor. Let their spirits light a match and rekindle your faith. The faith in your purpose. The purpose behind your dream. This will drive you through these unforgiving times. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Be proud to be a part of this selfless community. Be #proudtobeadoctor.  

Participate in our Doctor’s Day contest specially designed for medical students like you. Share with us your thoughts and experiences during the pandemic- through posters or videos or writeups. Winners will be awarded exciting Amazon gift vouchers. Send us your entries by the 1st of July.

Sign up and participate now! We look forward to hearing your story.