Viruses 101: We Bet You Didn’t Know These Viral Facts

Viruses are practically invisible to the naked eye, but a type of it has the population of nearly 7 billion sitting quietly in their homes, social-distancing from each other. A large portion of the world today is in lock down, thanks to a very, very, very tiny thing called the coronavirus. While it’s easy to […]

Having Pets Can Make Your “Ruff” Days Easy

Did you know that besides man, dogs are also a cheetah’s best friend? It’s true! Cheetahs that are bred in captivity are nervous and timid by nature. They often have dogs as their best friend to become more comfortable with their environment.1 Dogs—or rather, pets—form an integral part of some, if not all, people’s lives. […]

After Whitewashing, ‘Pinkwashing’ is the new problem in town!

We all know that October is observed as the ‘‘Breast Cancer Awareness’’ month. It is an effort made to raise awareness among people about the disease, encourage them for regular check-ups, especially women over the age of 50 years and to decrease the stigma around breast cancer. Supporters hope that greater knowledge will lead to […]

Mental Health Awareness

There is an unfair disparity in the way we treat our physical and mental health. We look for tangible symptoms while diagnosing a person’s illness, but often ignore the intangible, yet real symptoms. Anxiety, loss of appetite, panic attacks, depressive episodes, “rebellious” phase and insomnia – these are some common symptoms of deteriorating mental health […]